Alamo Women’s Reproductive Services

 Licensed by the State of Texas #130238

Alamo Women’s Reproductive Services is open and serving the women of Texas.

Our state of the art Ambulatory Surgery Center remains compliant with all Texas abortion laws and regulations.

We offer abortion services to patients who are up to 22 weeks of pregnancy.  Alamo Women’s Clinic was of one of the first women’s ambulatory surgery centers to open in the state of Texas.

With the highest level of patient care in the city of San Antonio and in the state of Texas, our physicians are highly trained Ob-Gyns and have a combined experience totaling over 125 years.

Phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our warm and friendly staff.




Call: (210) 816-2307


Surgical Abortion –  up to 22 weeks


Medical Abortion – up to 10 weeks

  • Abortion Pill RU 486

  • Surgical Abortion up to 22 weeks

  • Abortion Fees Include

    • IV Sedation

    • Take Home Medications

    • Birth Control and Follow up visit

  • Proud member of NAF – National Abortion Federation


  • Phones answered 24 hrs a day for appointments

  • Office open Monday-Saturday

    • Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm

    • Saturday 8am to 1pm


“Keep up the kindness, understanding and good attitudes. You all are doing a great job!”

“Entire staff was very nice and gentle. Thank you for being so understanding.”

“This clinic is the BEST! They treat you with professionalism and really care.”

“Thanks for being super nice and making us feel safe and comfortable.”

“Everyone was superb. So kind and caring. I honestly could not have chosen a better clinic.”

“The staff was the greatest, informative, patient and professional. I would recommend your clinic to anyone.”