You made it not scary. Thank you!” " Everyone was super nice and made me feel safe and comfortable.” " They made a hard decision easier for us" " Alamo got me the funding to help pay for it. Wow!” " The BEST! They treat you with professionalism and really care.” " Thank you for helping me get my life back on track.” "

We’re Here for YOU

We’re MOVING for YOU

The Supreme Court has let women down.
Alamo Women’s Clinic and Tulsa Women’s Clinic will not!

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Abortions are outlawed in many states, but we’re still committed to serving you – by opening clinics in Albuquerque NM and Carbondale IL. Both will offer the same high standard of abortion care, where State-of-the-Art Medicine meets Old-Fashioned Compassion. We won’t stop caring for women across the US who have lost the right to choose.


Dr. Braid, who has stood strong and center through the Texas and Oklahoma fight for women’s rights, and his incredible, courageous and compassionate staff are relocating their resources and experience to continue their commitment to women and their right to choose what is right for their lives.

Making it happen isn’t easy and will take a lot of resources. So after much consideration, we are asking for your help to cover costs to relocate our staff and set up clinics with the same high standards, and to help patients access the help we can give.


All donations will go towards helping women get the care they deserve and allowing them to make the right choice for their bodies and their life.


Alamo Women’s Reproductive Services
is moving from San Antonio, TX to Albuquerque, NM


Tulsa Women’s Reproductive Services
is moving from Tulsa, OK to Carbondale, IL

We Support Your Right to CHOOSE

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The Best Possible Care

One of the first women’s ambulatory surgery centers to offer abortions in Texas, Alamo offers the highest level of patient care . All of our physicians are highly trained Ob-Gyns, and our two new facilities will be state-of-the-art.

At the Lowest Cost

ALL abortion costs will be covered if no detectable fetal cardiac activity is found (usually occurs at 6 weeks). We can also cover travel costs out of state to get your abortion. Contact us for info!


We’re hard at work opening two new clinics in Albuquerque and Illinois to serve pregnant people get the care they need no matter where they’re from.


We hope to be open by late August. Watch this site for updates!



Enter the first day of your last period to see your option


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